Master the toy

Our Mission

As a person we have a ton of responsibilities. Think about it, there are bills to pay, exercise, pooping, eating, speaking, retirement, funeral expenses, hobbies…you get the picture. We have LIFE!

We tend to blend life all together into one big ass milkshake. What would simplifying things look like? Thinkthendo, eases things by splitting the life shake into three cups. Health, Wealth, and Everything Else. 


Exercise 1: organize your Desktop

If you’re reading this, then congratulations, you have a brain. This remarkable supercomputer, allows us to see by decrypting eyeball data, perceive sound detected from our wiggling eardrums, it’s essentially the maestro of our personal symphony.

The brain is complex, maybe thats why it complicates things. Simplifying life starts with making how you think about life simple.

Since we already have a supercomputer in our skull, let’s use it like its a regular ol’ computer: Start by visualizing a blank desktop with wallpaper of a skydiving monkey. Got it? 

  • Right click and create, “New Folder”
  • Title the folder, “LIFE”
  • Double click and see three new folders titled, “Health”|”Wealth”|”Everything Else”